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Landing Zone Conditions:
When thinking about the landing zone, answer whether the tree can be pulled in one direction and felled whole. If it can't, that could require simple climbing & cutting or more highly involved operations and services, both of which will affect the price accordingly. Does the tree have clearance from obstructions on two consecutive sides? Obstructions include not only the house, but wires, fences, landscape features, other trees, etc. For more information on landing zone conditions click here.
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How to Photograph Your Tree:
You may upload up to 6 images. If you would like to send additional photos, email them to admin@upatree.com. File size is limited to 4MB per photo.

*PLEASE include pictures of not only the tree, but the landing zone and any obstructions that might be in the way. Click here to watch a video on how to photograph your tree.

**If wires are involved, please include photos showing the tree in line with each set of wires.



Client Testimonials

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Great job guys! Very happy with the service. We had 15 trees taken down very quickly with no issues. I would highly recommend them. Thanks again!” Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith

“Best deal in town! Professional and showed up!! I have my own chainsaw but had a few tricky big trees I couldn’t get down, so Up A Tree helped and then I cut them up!” EB – Marstons Mill, MA

EB – Marstons Mill, MA