Reasons for needing to remove trees

Whether you own a home or you have a business, you likely think of the trees in your yard as a great asset. Trees provide beauty and much-needed shade from the intense summer sun while adding to the overall appeal of your landscape. However, there are certain instances where a tree can do more harm than good. While your first instinct might be to try to save the tree, it may not be in your best interest, and waiting to remove it could cause a lot of damage. In today’s post from Up a Tree, we want to share with you some of the most common reasons for needing to remove a tree. If any of these situations pertain to you, contact Up a Tree to get your free estimate.


Trees that have been planted too close to homes, sidewalks, driveways, or other structures can pose a problem over time as their roots expand. Tree roots can harm foundations, break up concrete, and pose all sorts of serious and costly problems. If you’ve noticed that some of your tree roots are starting to cause damage, it’s probably time to have it removed before it causes any more.


As trees grow bigger and taller, sometimes they start to get alarmingly close to your home, garage, pool, or other building. While the shade might be nice, keep in mind that you could be just one storm away from having major damage. This is especially true if the tree is older, has some dead branches, or is leaning toward one of the structures on your property.


Trees are living things that are subject to disease, decay, and infestation. If you have a tree that is clearly dead, it’s not only an eyesore, but it should be removed before it cracks, drops branches, or the disease or infestation spreads to other trees. Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily have to remove a tree because it’s unhealthy, but you should at least get a professional opinion to determine if it can be saved.


Not every reason for removing a tree has to do with the health of the tree or the safety of your surroundings. You may choose to remove a tree because you want to change up your landscaping, clear an obstructed view, or you need to remove some trees to make room for another structure. Regardless of the reason, whether you need to remove one tree or a dozen, Up a Tree can help.


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